Igor Mann. What are the mistakes in setting goals?

Igor Mann. What are the mistakes in setting goals?

Igor Mann about the mistakes of a marketer in setting goals
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Printed 2015-05-20

Igor Mann . Setting goals

The only drawback of the seminar (I think this is the only drawback of the seminar "Number 1") is that I can not work out with each person individually his goal. Once I conducted an on-site training, which was attended by 14 people, only 14 people. And we asked to come with goals, so that within 3 days I simply pumped them according to the results, according to the development plan, according to the promotion plan. What was my surprise when, out of 14 people, only two arrived with a purpose, and 12 - without a purpose. These are quite successful people. And when I began to work out the goal with everyone, it didn't take less than half an hour. I stayed with one person for an hour and a half and only after that I found his goal. 

I will try to present the information in such a way that the person clicks right at the seminar so that he says: “Goof, this is my goal.” I will show examples, I will show the main mistakes that can be in setting goals. I will show the criteria by which you can evaluate your goals. But, unfortunately, I will not be able to go through the ranks once again and I can't say “offset, offset, offset” to everyone. The listener can do this himself. An incorrectly set goal takes us the wrong way. I usually say at the seminar: “If you don't have a clear goal now, don't even listen to me further. This will be ineffective. ” But in order for a person to set a goal, I give five methods of goal setting, five. That is, with one, one will definitely help a person. If he helped, you can recheck yourself with four others. In general, this is a very important point. I can't imagine a person who says: "I want to become" Number 1 ", but in what, I have not decided yet." This is not the goal. 

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