When it's boring
When it's boring. Web Designer Knowledge Base
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2003-11-20

Made the design - it's boring. 

It doesn't matter who says it - the customer or your internal critic. The reason is usually that the design is too uniform. Then add variety: if the site has 10 headings, and all have the same style and size - highlight the more important, and make the less important more modest. Set accents! 

Just don't paint anyhow somehow in blue, then in red. Do it meaningfully! 

If there is a lot of text - add a photo. If monotonous pictures - change the style of their design: some in a round mask, some in a square. 

It is boring when the site is made according to some principle, but you follow this principle too rigidly. Remove one of the restrictions: for example, add graphics that go beyond the scope of the block. If the site is with a fixed width - add a rubber block to the entire width of the screen. If the site has a white background, add a dark block with something very important and eye-catching. Make blocks with different optical densities. 

The general point is to move away from the principles by which the initial layout of the site design is made. But, so that meaningless porridge does not work out - do it too according to some system: either taking into account the priority of different blocks, or starting from the semantic load and so on. 

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