Illumina Creative project: Airgun e-commerce online store

Airgun e-commerce online store.


Project specialities:

The main products of the company are made to order, and the catalog is needed to navigate a huge list of spare parts and accessories

Alex Head of Development
  • Expectations
  • Reality


Deliciously show the main product



Many details and involving infographics are our business card


Inside early pages

10 design layouts worked out


Juicy photos

.. so that you want to feel, touch and buy weapons

Learn more about arms dealers

So, here with we had to work with such a "fun" site. The picture shows a screenshot of from the web archive for 2017.

We started the work with a sketch prototype, on which we justified the client how we see the new site and why (part of the sketch in the picture). Unfortunately, the client refused to change the logo :(

the first version of the design turned out to be close to the final result, although we found details that the client didn t like. Having cleaned them, we proceeded to elaborate the internal pages.

The owner of the company is the author of the popular weapons blog on YouTube. This is another reason to work out the site s behavior on phones and tablets (in addition to , say, SEO-factors).

Technically, the site was implemented on CMS 1C-Bitrix in the Small Business edition with two catalogs: one for weapons (custom-made products) and the other for spare parts ( online store with delivery).

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Ekaterina Ryazanova (Special Project Manager (SUP Media)).
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