Choosing a website builder: which is better?

Choosing a website builder: which is better?

Often an entrepreneur decides to save money on starting a business, abandons the idea of __ordering a turnkey website and finds a website builder ..
Alex Head of Development

Printed 2003-04-20

Often, an entrepreneur decides to save money on starting a business, refuses the idea of __ order a turnkey website (usually a little expensive) and finds a website builder. Which is better to choose? 


One of the big problems with this constructor is that back in 2018, Yandex officially announced that sites built on Vicks will not be indexed. That is, you can forget about search engine promotion for sites on WIX. 

In addition, for some reason, the look and style of the sites on this constructor are simply terrible. It's not that they will not be able to solve any marketing problems, but most likely they will simply frighten away the audience. 


Perhaps the only site designer who is not ashamed to recommend. Its advantage is a large number of high-quality templates with good stylistic solutions. A big plus is integration with many services that are important for an entrepreneur or Internet marketer, starting from Yandex.Metrica and ending with CRM. 

True, there are so many sites on Tilda that their style has already become boring. Soon, people will begin to feel this and recognize sites on Tilda at a glance. 


A popular platform for creating single-page sites. If your project involves the creation of a landing, and SEO website promotion and project development are not planned, then this constructor may be a good option for you. 

General problems

All site designers have one problem: they tightly bind to themselves. It's still impossible to transfer the site from the designer's platform to anywhere else. 

In addition, the cheapness of the constructor is often apparent. For example, the cheapest Tilda tariff for March 2019 costs 500 rubles per month. For three years, it will “run over” 18,000 rubles (this is if the tariff does not rise, which is unlikely). But this amount is not so different from the one for which you can get your own full site. 

When choosing a site builder and deciding which one is better, do not forget about these “traps”! 

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