Features of promotion in social networks 2020

Features of promotion in social networks 2020

What promotion methods work in 2020?
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2012-01-20

SMM, or social media marketing, has been a leader among all areas of Internet marketing for several years. What features of social media promotion make it, on the one hand, accessible to almost everyone - and on the other hand, difficult for most companies? 


It does not matter if it is a blogger account or a Sberbank page. People want to communicate with people, not corporations. Therefore, the effect of promotion in social networks will be much higher if you figure out how to add “personal” to your commercial account


The second important point. If the availability of interesting articles and high-quality photos, various usefulnesses on the company website is still not absolutely mandatory (you can effectively sell without it), then in the social networks “dry”, meaningless photos and texts made on your knees will ruin your account, do not hesitate. 


Social networks, although it is sad, replace many people with live human communication. Therefore, when you come there with the intention of promoting yourself, your company or your product, be open to communication (and even provoke it as much as possible!). If you manage to make your “virtual personality” enjoyable - and maybe even your favorite one - an interlocutor for subscribers, then the promotion will be successful. 


The fourth feature that I want to mention applies to all digital marketing. In the field of SMM, everything is changing so quickly that no training courses (especially in the classical university format) can keep pace with these changes. You always need to keep track of trends and keep abreast, otherwise you will be irrelevant :)

These features of promotion on social networks become an obstacle for someone (usually when there is no understanding of these distinctive features), but for someone open the way to rapid, even "explosive" growth. 

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