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«Website development costs are clearly covered by the improved performance (i.e., conversion) of the company website »
Alexander Zayarny (Deputy Director, Russkiy Dom Co., Ltd). We had to create real estate website and then to transfer the complete catalogue
«The Illumina agency was fabulous, highly professional partners. Their work led to a strong inbound leads flow via the PPC and other sources. Now my ads are completely controllable and I enable it once looking for new students »
Maria Tretyakova (Language teacher).
«The second iteration was much better. The issues uncovered after the first design sprint were completely sorted out, so basically I'm pretty satisfied with the website development process »
Eduard Gafarov (Founder and director of the weapons company EdGun). The thing was to accompany the huge spare parts catalogue with selected premium goods and develop a solid website
«I was pleased with the work of the agency and Mikhail as his representative. They listened and heard us. Thanks to the redesign of the online store, we are recording a noticeable increase in conversion »
Dmitry Agadzhanov (General Director of Pokupalylux LLC).
«We got about 20 drafts of the logo, of which two were chosen for study. Calligraphy turned out beautiful, but I still chose a more classic logo with the PL sign »
Dmitry Agadzhanov (General Director of Pokupalylux LLC).
«There are many leads, the sales department is barely in time »
Julia Chebotareva (Marketing Manager (EUROKAPPA), Marketing Director (Eastetica)).
«Great application, there is an interactive menu and a loyalty program »
Matilda Shnurova (Restaurant owner COCOCO, ex-wife of Sergei Shnurov).
«The picture came to life. Hills like, throw us away from city competitions. A good cut of land. In the center, the flower bed must still be removed and a fountain set up. Also add urban paraphernalia: lanterns with taut flags, benches - what they talked about yesterday »
Elena Proidisvet (Project Manager "1000 days before the 2014 Olympics").
«The locations are drawn exactly as needed, I have no comments at all! »
Ekaterina Ryazanova (Special Project Manager (SUP Media)).
«We've got better rankings in Google than the official distributor have! Thank the whole team for your professional SEO services »
Max (My-Porsche Car Service, CEO).
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2008—2015 works

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