Illumina Creative project: Mobile app automated service for HoReCa

Mobile app automated service for HoReCa.


Project specialities:

The landing, which we did at the beginning, worked well ... But it was clear that restaurateurs did not trust him

Michael CEO&Founder
  • Expectations
  • Reality

Quickly start landing and start collecting cheap applications without attachments to a large site and SEO

For the description of the product made a PDF presentation

The conversion increased on average from 3% to 7 % after changing landin ha to a large site.

Because a complex product cannot be presented well on the land

Working out the internal sections

You never know which page will be converted :))


Attention to detail

They build trust and illustrate the approach


Custom Design

Templates for 20 pages of the site were created


My Account

We worked out the logic and UI/UX



Small graphic delights create a mood

Details for the most curious

Website of the service for creating mobile applications for restaurants Appcafe offers owners and managers of cafes and restaurants of any level the opportunity to get their own mobile application, with free development and a small monthly fee. Illumina Creative did:

  • Design for a printed presentation ;
  • The marketing structure of the main page in the landing format ;
  • Responsive website design and layout;
  • Integration with the management system;
  • Semantic site map and preparation for SEO-promotion;
  • Advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct and YAN.

The first screen of your personal account: we select one of the design schemes for the application, download the restaurant logo and enter the name.

In the user s personal area, he encounters friendly training tips.

Functionality for adding to the menu. A client fills me in his restaurant or cafe, and the system automatically creates a database for his mobile application.

Infographics and diagram of the service.

We drew the selling design of the main page in the Landing Page format. The site was originally planned to be single-page, but following the results of two months of promotion in Yandex. The directorate decided to redesign the site into multi-page.

We drew a prototype of the new version of the site with extended internal structure.

Measurements of conversion rates and indirect parameters showed that the conversion of a multi-page site was better than on the landing page. Interestingly, the quality of leads has also increased!

And we also prepared print presentation and a set of marketing materials for the project.

Part II: contextual advertising for the site-service of mobile applications for restaurants

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«The locations are drawn exactly as needed, I have no comments at all! »
Ekaterina Ryazanova (Special Project Manager (SUP Media)).
«The Illumina agency was fabulous, highly professional partners. Their work led to a strong inbound leads flow via the PPC and other sources. Now my ads are completely controllable and I enable it once looking for new students »
Maria Tretyakova (Language teacher).